Pacemeaker Therapy Summit - 2014

Endorsed By : –

Cardiac Rhythm Academy

Topics Covered

  • Indications for Pacing in 2014
  • Pacing Modes and Pacemaker Mode Selection
  • Pacemaker Implant Techniques
  • Dual Chamber Implantation 1 (Passive Fixation Leads)
  • Septal and Alternative Site Pacing
  • Pacemaker Timing Cycles
  • How to follow up a patient following implant and what is to be expected
  • Dual Implantation 2 (Active Fixation Lead)
  • Interpretation of Paced ECG’s
  • Interpreting Pacemaker Diagnostic information
  • Optimizing Pacing Therapy by Pacemaker Programming
  • Pacemaker Malfunction: Diagnosis and Management
  • Electromagnetic Interference – Medical and non Medical devices
  • Management of Pacemaker Patient during Cardiac and Non Cardiac Surgery

Event Photos